Our golden rules

Every game has its rules! To avoid misunderstandings in advance, we ask you to study our few, but strict rules carefully and to visit our party only if you can agree to them unconditionally.

Ripe for games

We organize events for adults over 18 years old. We carry out a strict entrance control. There are no exceptions! You know that there can be sexual acts among the guests at our events and that’s okay for you!

The Dresscode

The appropriate dresscode is a mandatory requirement for admission! The overall image counts and the judgment of our dresscode bitches is tough but fair and definitive! For questions about the dresscode, please consult our special page. If you are not sure if your outfit fits, contact us in advance via contact form.


Respectful cooperation is a fundamental requirement at our parties! Respect your fellow players. Do not touch anyone without their consent. Do not disturb any sessions. A NO is always a NO. What applies to your fellow guests also applies to the location. Respect the ambience and the furnishings!


Welcome to the diversity of fetishes and inclinations. Be tolerant, be open, even if certain preferences do not correspond to your taste. We do not tolerate the belittling of others because of their preferences or their appearance in any case!

Woman Codex

Women are queens at our events. We expect you to be treated with the utmost respect! For cheap pick-up you are definitely in the wrong place with us. Unwanted grabbing or importunity will be punished with immediate and definite house ban. We understand in this point absolutely no fun!

Play Safe

We support the prevention charter of the BAG and the guidelines regarding “darkrooms”. We provide sufficient hygiene articles and it goes without saying that all contact is by mutual consent.

Special zones

Certain zones at our parties are reserved for couples. As a single man you adhere to this and do not try to sneak into the club. This leads to the club expulsion up to the house ban! Thank you for accepting this.

Body care

Appreciate yourself and the other guests by showing up to the party smelling good and freshly showered. A good perfume and fine deodorant will greatly enhance everyone’s willingness to play.

Illegal substances

Experience the sensuality of the game and the intoxication of the music unadulterated. The use of drugs, such as the negative conspicuousness by excessive alcohol consumption leads to the club expulsion up to the house ban.


You are our guest, please behave accordingly. Special orders of the organizers or the security you follow without discussions! We thank you for a fair game!