Show yourself from your best fetish side

Fetish has many facets and this is also reflected in the choice of your outfit! Minimalism is out of place here, it’s all about fantasy and extravagance! We do not make it on a single piece of clothing, the whole package must be right. Read the dress code information carefully so that your outfit gets the blessing of our dress code bitches. Because their judgment is tough but fair and they definitely decide about the admission!

Lacquer - Leather - Latex

The classics always go and if these materials are your fetish, you have it relatively easy. Pick something suitable online or in a store and you have already won at the entrance.

Women - Men - Couples

The ladies have it naturally easier, there is simply much more choice for them and while the ladies like to dress up again and again, the men often suffice a suitable outfit for a long time. But also the men’s world finds nowadays with a little good will an outfit that really makes a difference. There are few limits to the imagination here. But we make no secret of the fact that we definitely set the bar higher for individual men. This helps us to regulate the gender ratio without graduated prices and spares us from gawkers and badly dressed, loners sneaking around. Please men, give yourselves a jerk, make yourselves and the present ones a joy and invest a little more time and fantasy in your outfit. We and all the guests celebrating with you will thank you!


Go with women, but we’re not talking about underwear here, but beautiful, tempting, eroticizing trifles, gladly made of silk, lace or other valuable materials. Combined with heels & stockings, the successful appearance is guaranteed. Sorry men, with you underpants are unfortunately a no-go, even such from the sex store with some transparency! Long leg dresses are always (except in midsummer) rather seen!

Gothic/Steam Punk

Gothic Style & Steam Punk may well correspond to the dress code. But please sexy. In medieval garb and with cloth pants you are not quite right and for men the often seen cargo pants / band shirt combination is unfortunately not at all. Gothic/Steam Punk gives more than that and if that is your style, you will certainly find the right one that can be combined and refined with the right accessories.

Almost or stark naked

It’s not about showing as much skin as possible. Often veiling trifles are more appetizing than naked facts. For men, nudity is a no-go. With women we do not see it so closely. In the Dom-Sub context, where this is signaled, for example, by a collar with a leash, this is perfectly fine. But never forget suitable footwear as protection for the feet.

Speaking of footwear

For the ladies, boots or heels are the most common foot coverings. But it also goes, matching the rest something else. Ballerinas and sandals are not the right thing, let’s not even talk about Birkenstock. For men, coarse footwear in the style of jump boots, biker boots, New Rocks, etc. has proven itself. But it can also be elegant black boots, if it fits. No half shoes or sneakers (even if made of leather)!


Uniforms are a common fetish and we count schoolgirl, cheerleader nurse, etc. outfits among them. Outfits to it. For men it’s historical, classic officer uniforms and that’s ok, even if they are made of fabric. Not an issue are current army uniforms or cargo pants with combat boots.


Often we have well-built, tightly trained men as guests, who desire entry with underpants and nothing on top. Unfortunately, this is not enough. A good body adorns every party and decorated with tatoos / piercings also makes what her, but something more it must be. At a minimum, a few imaginative accessories, matching pants/pants and the right footwear. Also men’s skirts stand prima to it! The same applies here, by the way, for the ladies.

Crossdresser / Trans Men & Women

Our parties are open to all genders and inclinations. With us bi-gay & straight party people shake hands and celebrate together. Men in women’s clothes and vice versa are often and gladly seen. Drag queens & kings are always welcome. But here too, the outfit must be right, it must be sexy!

Black suits / Bizarre elegance

Black suits for the gentlemen, as usual at some fetish parties, unfortunately does not work for us. As much as we like to wear them ourselves, they just don’t fit this party and make it too comfortable for simple minds to overcome the dress code barrier. Therefore, with a teary eye, unfortunately NO-GO! Bizarre elegance refers to also available suits in latex or leather, that goes ok of course!

The crux with the figure

Many would like to, but do not dare because they think they do not have the right figure for such outfits. This is a party, not a model contest! People like you and me are celebrating here. You have to feel comfortable in your clothes. Everyone has the opportunity to make something of themselves, be confident, show what you have, make yourself beautiful! For you, for the night and for everyone around you!


Is often asked and is a borderline case. If you come as a single man with wetlook pants and shirt, you will find no mercy with the door bitches. As a single piece it can still fit. As a decision-making aid: If you would go to the normal disco with it, it will not be enough with us!

The No-Go's

Streetwear – Jeans & T-Shirt/Shirt – Carnival Costumes – Cloth Shoes – Bathing Slippers – Sandals – Barefoot – Bathrobes – Sheer Shorts – Men’s Thongs – Boxer Shorts – Suits – Muscel Shirts